Founded in 2017, APEXGEN® is dedicated to inspiring individuals to “Rise Above Doubt”.

Our vision is to raise awareness for those who have gone through adversity, to inspire individuals to believe in themselves, to motivate each other and encourage a positive mindset.

We believe in enabling positive change, we do this by showcasing inspirational life stories and creating Apex Experiences. We hope these projects will challenge people’s perception on life and inspire many in the process.

Our goal is to create a community of like minded people who wants to help other succeed in what some people might believe as “An impossible dream”. We funded the first Apex Project through the sale of our clothing range with the help of our Ambassador Family and supporters.

In March 2018, Scott Doolan @wheelyfit - Successfully became the first paraplegic to climb Mount Everest Base Camp with minimal assistance with the Apexgen team using his hands, a custom wheelchair and a lot of heart.

This year we have a big project planned with Mt Kilimanjaro and will be looking for a couple of special people to work with to take on this challenge.

Why become an Apexgen Ambassador?

We started this company because we had a vision to create a community of individuals who inspire, support and care for others. Our ambassador program enables us to make things happen. The bigger we can grow, the more we can do for others. By becoming an ambassador, you are directly contributing to our vision, projects and causes.

With your help, we plan to continue hosting events, workshops and Apex Projects aimed at raising awareness for overcoming adversity and making a positive impact.

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