Apexgen Challenge

We created the #ApexgenChallenge to inspire individuals to overcome adversity and rise above doubt.

This campaign is to raise awareness and help those who are suffering hardships regardless of what age, life situation or social group. We all need direction at some point in our lives and shared experience can sometimes be exactly what we need to hear.

We urge you to be vulnerable and help make social media less damaging and more supportive.

In today's society we polish everything online to gain a certain perception from our peers, this ‘perfect’ version of us is not relatable. People connect to the struggles, the sweat and the tears.

We all face adversities, big or small, that effect us on some level.

We challenge you to share a tough time you have gone through and how you overcome it (or overcoming) and #ApexgenChallenge to be a voice of support or figure of motivation to those who can’t see a way forward.

2 easy step to take part:

  1. Upload your post on social media and #ApexgenChallenge.
  2. Tag and nominate 2 people to do the same.

We are all human and we all have hard times. Lets normalise social media.