Raising awareness for mental health and overcoming adversity

Our first mission was to work with Scott Doolan (First Apexgen Athlete) to be the first paraplegic to climb/wheel 18,192ft up MOUNT EVEREST to Base Camp with minimal assistance.


We're very proud to say that we successfully made it on the 25th of March 2018.


Next step is to create a documentary with Scott.


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We took off on this adventure on March 14th 2018 with the blessing and support of Blue Dragon Adventures.

Scott and the Apexgen team wheeled and wheelbarrowed up 18,192ft to Mount Everest Base Camp with minimal assistance. We documented the journey so that we share this apex adventure with as many people as we can to raise awareness for mental health and hopefully inspire others to #RISEABOVEDOUBT



We believe that life should be limitless. If we put our mind and our resources together, anything is possible.

To go on epic adventures with people who #RISEABOVEDOUBT is one of the main reasons why we started this company.

To create opportunities to raise awareness for mental health and really be part of people’s lives is what we live for.



We started this company because we had a vision to create a community of individuals who inspire, support and care for each other, whilst battling the rapidly growing problem of mental health issues.

All of our founders have experienced adversity and mental health issues of our own. With more and more people around us struggling in the dark, we saw the value in uniting strong, driven and motivated individuals to stand together and make a change.



To create APEX EXPERIENCES with people who  #RISEABOVEDOUBT is our mission. We created this company so we can fulfil our dreams of giving back to others who have gone through adversity.

This first mission means the world to us here at APEXGEN. All of us have experienced adversity and believe that if we can empower ourselves and inspire others, together we can do anything.

This mission will be filmed and made into a documentary so we can hopefully help inspire others and raise awareness for mental health.


WHAT IT MEANS TO ME - Scott Doolan

“My first thought was no way, impossible, I can't do that." However after thinking about it and talking it through with the team, I thought why not, what better way to challenge myself and influence others than to climb the biggest mountain in the world.

The climb is going to the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do physically and mentally, but knowing I’ve been putting in the work every single day i know there’s no way i can not succeed.

The thought of being the first paraplegic to wheel up Mt Everest with minimal assistance will be a dream come true, Achieving something that seems almost impossible is what defines someone willing to give everything they have and truly access the power of the mind. I believe that is something you will cherish for the rest of your life and I hope to inspire others to #RISEABOVEDOUBT.”



To transform and create purpose in an individual’s life that has faced severe adversity.

Raise awareness for mental illness and the power of the mind.

Inspire people to #RISEABOVEDOUBT and not let adversity define them.

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