What you can do to help

It's easy to help, you can apply to become an Apexgen Ambassador and/or buy some clothes or a gift card for someone you love. All proceeds go directly into funding Scott's mission to Everest. We're leaving on the 14th of March 2018 and your actions will really contribute to making this happen.

Let people know about #700people1dream

You can help by making a post on your social accounts and ask your friends/followers to check out this mission and support Scott to get to Everest.

Ambassadors and people who spend over $100 will receive an official certificate of appreciation as a supporter of this mission in the mail.

Take a photo with your certificate and post on Instagram, Facebook or any other social account with our caption provided below.

Some tips for the photo

  • The certificate is clear view
  • Wear your Apexgen clothing
  • Be happy!
  • Remember you are awesome!

Some tips for the caption

  • Nominate 3 friends who will support Scott and this mission
  • Remember to add our caption given below

Post Caption

I nominate @......, @......, & @........ to get behind Scott Doolan (@wheelyfit) to have a shot at becoming the first paraplegic to wheel/climb 18,192ft to Mount Everest BC with @apexgen in March 2018.
I am number (insert your certificate number here) of 700 supporters making this possible. At age 17, Scott was in an accident that sadly resulted in him losing the use of both of his legs. He is now going to climb/wheel the biggest Mountain in the world to raise awareness for Mental Health and inspire people to #riseabovedoubt.

@apexgen has started a clothing line to fund this mission and we're looking for 700 people to purchase $100 worth of clothing to make this possible.

When you make a purchase of $100+ you will receive one of these certificates of appreciation as 1 of 700 PEOPLE contributing to 1 DREAM for Scott.

Support this cause and nominate 3 friends and check out www.apexgenlifestyle.com #700people1dream


If you would like to help more in any way, contact the team and let us know how you would like to help.

We have set up a crowdfunding page, if you have any contacts that would like to do some fundraising, you can send them to - https://pozible.com/project/help-scott-wheel-up-mt-everest-1

A big thank you for your support and much love from all of us here @APEXGEN